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It had been five weeks since Jessica swallowed Samantha. Samantha was digested completely, and Jessica's enormous belly had gone back to normal. She hadn't been eating anything, since Samantha's nutrients had been enough to keep Jessica alive all this time. But she strangely missed her enormous gut.

She decided she needed it back. She was getting hungry anyways, and was missing the taste of food. She walked over to the store and bought a cake. Since she was going to stuff herself, she decided this wasn't enough. But she didn't want to look like a pig in public, so she went to four more stores and bought a cake from each. She came home excited and brought the cakes all downstairs.

She stuck a fork into one and took a bite. Delicious! She kept eating. Soon, half the cake was gone. Jessica's belly had bulged out a bit. Her shirt was pushed out only a little. She ate the rest of the cake. Her belly was feeling quite full, but she needed more. Then she realized she was very thirsty. She ran upstairs and grabbed a warm bottle of Pepsi. She had read somewhere that warm soda bloats you faster.

She took a drink of the soda and began devouring the next cake, rubbing her swelling belly in the process to soothe it. She sat back and took a short break. Her shirt was on the brink of tearing. Her clothes were feeling tight, too. She took off her shirt and pulled down her pants. Better. Her belly was much bigger. She looked as if she had swallowed a soccer ball! She sat there rubbing her swollen belly for the next minute, just feeling how soft it was. She couldn't wait any longer. Within the next five minutes, the rest of the cakes were gone as well as the soda. Her belly was like a beach ball.

It wasn't the same as when she had swallowed Samantha. She then realized what was missing. The person. When she ate Samantha, there was kicking, flailing, and resisting. This time, it was just her shoving cake down her throat. She needed what she had before. The stuffing turned her on as well, but not nearly as much as voreing someone. She got up from the now mildly wet floor and picked up the phone.

She hung up the phone a few minutes later. He was coming. There was a boy she knew from school named Blake. It was known throughout the school that he had a crush on her, and that he had a belly fetish. It seemed kind of cruel to eat someone just for the pleasure of doing it, but she pushed that out of her brain. About ten minutes later, the bell rang. "Door's open. I'm downstairs," she yelled. She heard a door open and slam shut, then feet coming down the steps. "Hi Jessica," he said, nervousness in his voice. She turned her head around. "Hi, Blake," she replied. "Sit down." He came and plopped down on the other beanbag chair.

As soon as he sat down, his eyes widened. He saw Jessica's beach ball of a belly. "Y-Your belly..." He stammered. Jessica smiled. "I know," she said. "Sexy, huh?" Blake just stared and nodded. "Can I rub it?" He asked. Jessica thought for a moment. "Sure." He began to rub the mound of flesh. Jessica loved this feeling! She wondered if Samantha had felt this good before.

"This is so hot," Blake breathed. "I'd love to be inside of this belly." Jessica looked up. "You would?" She asked. "Totally!" He replied. "If you want, I can make your wish come true," Jessica said with a smile on her face. Blake just stared for a moment. Then his face lit up. "Do it! Please!" He yelled. She put his head into her mouth without hesitation. He tasted so good! This would be much easier than Samantha since he didn't have a gargantuan, protruding belly.

His shoulders slid down her throat easily. She felt his head poke into her belly. The rest of his body began sliding down when the easy process was stopped. She looked down to see what happened. "Crap," she thought. "I didn't take into account that he would be hard!" She moved it with her hand and continued the process. She breathed a sigh of relief as the feet slid down her throat, finally plopping into her belly. She rested her hands on the exercise ball of a belly. "THANK YOU!!" Blake screamed from the ball of flesh. "Can you thrash around in there?" She asked. "It feels great when you do." "Of course," he replied. He started kicking around. Jessica had never felt this good! A few minutes later, Blake got tired and fell asleep. Jessica looked up at the clock. Sheesh. One in the morning. She decided to go upstairs to her bed and go to sleep, too. She got up from the soaked beanbag chair and lifted her heavy belly with her hands so she didn't fall over. She climbed up the stairs, walked into her room, and placed her belly on her bed. She crawled around it so she could get on, too. "Goodnight, belly," she said, and fell asleep.
I was requested for a part two. I hope it's as good as the first
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coolkat87 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015  Student Artist
Will there be a part 3?
i love it do you reckon i should do  vore
cstrand1992 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2015
How come u quite writing?
cstrand1992 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
Nicely done for how fast u got it done. Im impressed. Hope to see more stories from you for sure!
Huge-Belly Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
Thx! ^^
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